Would the Real Christian Please Stand?

I watched Rick Warren's interviews Saturday night with McCain and Obama. I only saw part of his questions to Obama so I still need to see the rest of the video clips. I think Rick Warren asked good question, intelligently and fairly, but whats the use if all the answers are crafted so as to not take a definite stand on anything or not offend any potential voters. I watched as Obama clearly struggled to carefully find the right words for every answer. It must be hard to never just say what you feel, or what you believe to be true, but have to filter every word and consider all the ramifications to what you say before saying it. It must be hard to try to please 300 million people at the same time.

I honestly felt bad for Obama because I don't think he knows the joy and fulfillment of being a real "Christian" or a true Christ follower. There are many people in this country who can say they are a Christian and not have to back it up with real Kingdom fruit in their life. Thats our fault. In the absence of the truth, people will believe a lie. We have allowed people like Obama to stand up and say they are a Christian and go unchallenged. I'm not talking about challenging in our usual, ineffective ways of criticizing and debating amongst ourself, but I'm talking about living out the truth so that the counterfeit cannot stand. The Holy Spirit wants to work powerfully through believers to expose the darkness in the hearts of man.

I keep thinking what it would be like if David's mightly men were here today, or if Paul was traveling around the country doing church plants. There would be no doubt as to what a real Christ follower looks like. Are there believers who are willing to get in the life of someone like Obama and give him a chance to see Jesus up close and personal, or will we just dismiss him as an evil democrat who we don't intend to vote for? We need to stop seeing things in the world around us with our own eyes and see them as Jesus see them.

I know I feel convicted and challenged and I hope you do as well.

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