Walking in Trust

I had an awesome time with Suresh Kumar last night. We're scheduled to take a team to India in March of 09 which I am looking forward to. I know it will be a life changing experience and the first of many. I'm looking forward to hearing Suresh speak tonight at church.

I want to encourage you that now is the time for God's people to start stepping out into a place of trust and prayer. God cannot accomplish all that He wills for our lives unless we yield our hold on the natural and willingly step into the impossible with God. When we find ourselves standing in front of the Jordan River waiting for God to part the waters, we need to go ahead and step into the water. God will make a way before us as we step out in obedience. For too long we have waited for God to move, then we step. We need to first hear, then obey, then see Him do the rest.

Trust it. Believe it. Walk in it.

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