Political Illusions

Please take time to read this article Obama's 95% Illusion from the Wall Street Journal if you have time. We need to stay informed and know what is really going on behind the political talk.

It is very dangerous to give people money and benefits that they have not earned. If they are not able to be faithful in a few things, then they will not be faithful with many things. It is also hazardous to our economy and the prosperity of our nation to set up a system that penalizes people for earning more and getting out from under the bondage of debt and a welfare system. That's what the enemy does. Obama's plan will further entrench the "Me First" mentality in our naton. That socialistic plan leads to a failed system where everyone becomes dependant on a government that cannot sustain itself and it will collapse as we have seen previously in history. We need to give to those in need and show them the love of Christ, and at the same time, help them rise up into the life of blessing and maturity that God intends for them.

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