I want to issue a challenge to believers this morning. Run. That's the challenge. Are you ready to run the race? Don't look back, don't take time to get your affairs in order, burn the plow, sacrifice the oxen, and run forward chasing after what God has called you to do. Embrace the mantle He has allowed to fall upon your life. Make a decision in your heart and mind that from this point forward, nothing will stop you, nothing will take your focus away or distract you from pursuing God relentlessly. Be willing to be last. Be willing to serve. Be willing to give up your rights. Submit your life to the Word of God. Give the Holy Spirit permission to move in and rearrange the furniture. Say goodbye to your comfort zone and embrace a new normal. Be willing to chase the wild goose and follow Him wherever He may lead you. Know without a doubt that your God has good things in store for your life. Take courage in that. Believe in that. Put all your hope and trust in that. Wake up and LIVE.

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