Uncle Sam My Savior

I told my wife yesterday that I don't understand why Americans are looking so desperately for the government to save them. I thought Jesus Christ already did that for us. I think this financial crisis is shedding light on our inability to truly trust Jesus with every area of our life. I've been reading II Chronicles 15-17 the past few days. King Asa saw a great victory early on in his reign because he called upon the Lord to save them from an overwhelming army that was coming against them. God not only heard the cry of His people and delivered them, but made them rich with plunder in the process. Then later in life, King Asa chose to trust in man rather than God, and God judged him for it.

Are we in the same place today? Are we followers of Jesus Christ in word only? Is the government, banks, or Wall Street going to keep our money safe and prosper us? Not mentioning any names here, but one candidate for President would tell you that if you loose your job, the government will be there to save you. If you loose your home, they will be there to bail you out, and even if you loose your way in life, the government is there to help. No thanks. My hope is in Jesus Christ. He is my rock and my refuge. He is the one who died for me and lifts me up and has given me his own name and brings me into His own family. He is the one who lights my path and fills my heart with joy. He is the one who watches over my family and gives us wealth and grants us His favor which is beyond description. He is the one who has lavished His amazing grace upon my life and has mercifully given me an abundance of new life. He is my Savior and he is the one in whom I trust.

I love this country and I am definitely a big supporter of submitting ourselves to the governmental authority God has placed over our lives. I will support them, yield to their authority, and pray for them, but I know they cannot save me. As you talk with people about this crisis, give them an opportunity to have real hope and security in Christ.

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