Yesterday I began listening to Way of the Warrior again by Graham Cooke. I love this message series and it has significantly contributed to the work God is doing in my heart right now. As Graham talked about confidence, I noticed there was a hesitation in my spirit, and a longing, wishing I could be that confident in myself. Then I realized that I had stumbled upon the main point. It is not up to me, it is not having confidence in myself, but confidence in the Lord in who He is and what He is capable of doing in and through my life. I am not that confident in myself, but I am hugely confident in the Lord and I have made a decision to rest in that thought.

"Warriors are people who are confidently make choices about where and how to focus their internal attention." We need to ask what God is up to and what He is doing. We move through that inner place to address the external realities surrounding our life. We walk through these circumstances in peace and joy because of the inner confidence we have in God. "Warriors live in a state of untroubled calm and rest by which they are bound to the inner life of the Spirit" We can enjoy a complete confidence in God that inspires us to be totally dependent and totally reliant on the Lord. We can then confidently stand in the identity we have in the Lord because we know who we are and we know what God has committed to us and what He is capable of. He is a mighty warrior who is waging war on our behalf.

"A warrior is confident in the Lord. God is instilling in you a confidence so huge that it can take cities, region, and nations. One person walking with God is a majority and we get to prove that in our life"

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