Giving Thanks

Had a great day of good food and time with the family yesterday. My wife's cooking is beyond description good.

I was thinking this morning about how thankful I am to live in this nation. Despite all the economic turmoil and political upheaval, we are still blessed and can see God working on our behalf. I am concerned though that America is headed for difficult times. I believe the lure of unrestrained freedoms is too appealing for those who have cast off all moral and religious convictions. We want peace without fighting for it, we want to the world to cooperate while we withdraw to have life our own way. There are many in the world who are willing to die to spread their fear and bondage, and they will succeed if no one stands against them. I've said before how much I appreciate President Bush because he is a visionary who saw a strong future for America that few others were capable of seeing or willing to see. Today our culture wants to build a house without a foundation. They want to live under the blessing and prosperity of God's grace, but they do not want to confine their will to His will. Its the same as caring enough to tell your kids not to touch a hot stove. This "Change" movement in America has wanted for a long time to touch the hot stove and not get burnt. Now they think they have what they want, and at last they can cast off those old ways which don't apply anymore, but they can't change the fact they they will still get burnt. God has built moral and biblical principles into our society for our good and no one can change that even when they ignore them.

I am still full of hope because I know the God I serve will complete the work He has begun. My heart is sad for those who have decided not to give Him everything. Those people are holding on to a life that they cannot keep and even worse missing an opportunity to know a God who is relentlessly pursuing then to pour out His love and goodness into their lives. Do those people know what they are missing? Do they understand that they can lay down their own rights and self will to pick up an inheritance prepared for them that will never fade or diminish throughout all eternity? I pray they will soon see the truth.

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