A New Day

Well, I did it. No TV, no news or worthless policical forcasting until this morning at 7 am. I heard someone say this morning with a disturbing giddyness that today was a the beginning of a new day for America. I thought that they were absolutely right, but not for the reason they thought.

I am feeling a sadness for America, but deeper down, I'm feeling an excitement building in my spirit. I feel God is shaking America, and shaking His church, and shaking my own life. I have been diligenly building on the strong Word of God and I will rejoice as what the Holy Spirit has built stands firm. I thought of Sampson this morning. The church has cut their hair and lost their strength, but God is restoring our strength. God's people will rise up and shake off the spirit of the world and begin to dilligently build the kingdom of God.

I will shout out the name of the Lord who is great and good and merciful to allow me to walk in His ways and build upon the Rock that He has established for my life. I welcome the shaking that will cause all in my life that is not of God to fall away. I will stand and strengthen myself in the Lord and fight for His cause. He is purifying His people and raising real Christ followers up to go forth to tear down the work of the enemy and build up His abundant Kingdom life within people who are poor and needy and down trodden. Christ will raise up what the enemy had destroyed. He will restore what has been stolen, and He alone has the power and authority to breath life back into what the enemy had killed.

Yes, today is a good day for America because the light of truth is dawning and God will have His way and raise up a people unto Himself. The wicked will fade away and be no more, but those who stand firm in the Lord will rejoice. He is my refuge and my strength, and a shield about me. I will prosper and grow under His grace. I will delight myself in the Lord and He will give me the desires of my heart so that all will know it is God who has blessed me. He will establish me and grant me an inheritance in Him that will never fade away. He will bless my children and guide their life. He will raise them up and bless then with a greater portion, a greater measure of his strength and Spirit. He will lead them in and out and establish their ways before Him. My God is great and greatly to be praised. He is worthy. Thank You Jesus.

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