Leave Your Father's House

Kristen and I are still waiting to see what God will do with our house situation. We have been obedient to take every step He has asked of us that I am aware of. We are hoping our home will sell this spring and God will lead us to the house He has for us. I love how the Lord has guided our steps and protected us from ourselves. It is easy to get caught up with wanting a newer, bigger, and nicer home, but it is also nice to know God gives us wisdom. We saw a very nice house with a good price today, but when we looked at it on the internet, there was a sale pending. I am convinced God will not let us have anything less that what He wants for us and I love Him for that. I am anxious (in a good way) to move and move forward. I want to run after the things God has in store for my life and our family. I want to teach my children that their God is a good God who cares for them and is worthy of all their trust and hopes and dreams.

I joke with people that I am literally in the process of leaving my father's house and going to a land I know not of. That gives me hope and courage because I know God was faithful to do great things for Abraham and He kept His promises. I know He will do so for me.

Thank you Father for all the great things You are about to do in and though our lives for Your glory!