Don't Miss Out

I have been excited lately about the new things God is doing, but at the same time I am prayerfully concerned for people who may miss out. I know God is asking us to step up and qualify for what He wants to do in and through our lives. Not that I can qualify for anything in my own strength, but God wants me to be confident and use what He has given me, which is His Word and His Spirit. God is intentionally making the transition, the breakthrough to the new thing, a little difficult because if we can't overcome that, then we won't know how to function in the new place. He is graciously trying to help us learn how to let His Spirit help and empower us.

I read Mark Batterson's evotional today and agree 100%. We give up too soon. We want to sit back and wait for God to drop stuff in our lap that we can't handle and don't know how to manage. We like to get busy and try to find other ways around the wall God puts in front of us. Busyness is a counterfeit for breakthrough. God is not a an unfaithful manager of His Kingdom. He will not put resource and authority in the hands of untested servants. This is good news for us if we chose to see it that way. The Kingdom of God is at hand and we have been given the keys to unlock and use the power and authority of Jesus for His glory.

Please don't miss out on that amazing adventure. Keep going, keep trying, keep overcoming, keep seeking, keep knocking. Stay wholeheartedly committed to Jesus and He will do wonderful things. Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

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