Greatest Nation on Earth

No matter what your political feelings about the incoming administration, you have to admit, its an honor and a privileged to live in the greatest country on the planet. This nation is full of its share of problems, but we have the freedom to enjoy a rich heritage of blessings from the Lord. As I read about all the events taking place this weekend in DC and the masses of people expected to descend on our area, I can't help but be amazed. Stop and think for a moment that in one day, the most powerful nation in the world will not only peacefully, but proudly conduct a transition of power. What a testament to freedom, liberty, and God's grace.

I thank God for His sovereignty, His many blessings, and the freedom we enjoy that comes from Him. I will continue to pray for President elect Obama and our great nation.

And by the way ... my house is for rent this weekend for $5000 :)

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