What is your prayer life like? Its a question that may take you some time to answer. I have found that we surround that area of our life with all kinds of self deception and spiritual pride. I know I usually think I'm doing OK and everything is fine. I'm usually too busy to notice that the discernment and life giving power of the Holy Spirit has diminished and my own self efforts have increased. That's not a spiritually healthy place to be. Often we will not admit, even to our self, that our prayer life is not what it should be. We let the enemy tell us how wonderful we are and how we are more committed and devoted to God that anyone else we know. The enemy wants us to compare our self to others instead of Jesus. When we look at Jesus, we know immediately how far we have to go. The line between humility and pride can be very subtle, but the enemy knows how to get us on the wrong side and often we are far too eager to follow him there.

I do love though how the Holy Spirit has a way of gently putting a longing in our spirit to draw us back to the place of prayer, back into intimacy and oneness with the one we love. In prayer all questions are answered, all storms are calmed, all needs are met, and our soul in satisfied. In prayer we find a fulfillment of who we are, and we come to realize the one thing that matters most - Jesus.

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