Time in God's Word

What better way to begin a new year than to renew your commitment to spend time everyday in God's Word. I like to hear people who have made this choice say how much they enjoy this or how it has helped them grow spiritually. The past two years I have been reading different sections of the Bible, but have not read it the whole way through. That's partly because God directed me to some other passages and partly because my self got its way This year I'm getting back on track to read through the Bible again. I've done it several times and I love it every time. There are several good "read through the Bible in a year" guides or books out there.

Our flesh is weak and we need this kind of discipline to stay focused. I need to begin and end my day by hearing from the Lord. Be careful not to fall into the trap of reading daily just to check it off your religious to-do list, but give God your time and let his Word come alive to you. I promise the Holy Spirit will help you if you ask Him.

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