Does God Like You?

I started reading Brennan Manning's book The Wisdom of Tenderness. He asks a tough question that I had to think about. "Do I wholeheartedly trust that God likes me?" Not"loves me" because we know God cannot do otherwise by His very nature, but does He like me? Is he fond of me? I'll be honest, I know He does and I have felt many times that He does, but sometimes its hard to hold on to that.

Do you feel like God likes you when your struggling for a financial miracle and you know that all things are God's and maybe He could help you out a little more? Does He like you when your kids are sick and you ask for their healing and He delays His answer? The reality is that He does like us more that we can ever know and He is working on our behalf to bring about the best for our life. Knowing that and feeling it confidently deep in our heart is a matter of trust. Its a matter of walking by faith and not by sight.

The hard part for me so far in this book is that the tenderness of Jesus in convicting. Very convicting.

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