The Gospel

I have been so overwhelmed lately with the importance of the Word, the simplicity of the gospel message of Jesus Christ. From the farthest reaches of the universe to the inner reassess of man's heart, there is nothing more vital than the Word of God. Jesus is the Word, He is the good news, this gospel message that rescues the lost and sets men free. There is nothing else. The more we see the magnitude and fullness of the Word, the more we will be overwhelmed by God's grace.

It seems today that everyone is looking for the right formula and method to bring a spiritual transformation to our culture. You know, I think I have the answer. Immerse yourself in the Word. Fall in love with it, consume it, let the Holy Spirit plant it deep in your heart and bring it to fruition. Take the entirety of your life and offer it up as a living sacrifice to the Word of God.

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