Oswald Chambers said prayer does not prepare us for the work, prayer is the work. We need to get back to real prayer in our personal relationship with Christ. We have allowed our prayer lives to grow cold and ritualistic and they have become largely ineffective. We have to spend some time building our prayer life back up. We have to break through the lethargy and self dominance to heat up the fire in our heart once again. Self will pulls us down. Prayer is selfless and seeks God's will alone no matter what cost to our self life. Religious prayer serves the self will and builds it up, but real prayer is costly. Its ironic though that what we let go of is far less that what we receive in return. When we give up self, it will fall into the ground and die. Then the life of Christ will be raised up in our life and through our life. On our part, prayer is an act of laying our life down at the foot of the cross. On God's part it is the resurrection of the life of Christ within the heart of every believer.

Renew your commitment to prayer and you will see God go before you and make a way where there seems to be no way. He will give you the desires of your heart and you will step into the impossible places with him. God is removing every hindrance and opening every door before us. Now is the time to run, to see God build his kingdom through our prayers.

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