Running in the Revelation

A thought occurred to me yesterday, sparked by something my Pastor said (Not sure if he knows, but he does that a lot. Thanks PT).

I thought there is a lot more to running at a new level that we realize at first. The first thing you feel is scared out of your mind. All the walls are gone, God has expanded your boarders and taken away the nice cozy, snuggley place you were living in, and the reality of nothingness hits you big time. But like I said before, He has big plans to fill up that space with good things, so brace yourself, step up to the line, and keep running.

Next you feel excited when you begin to realize what God is doing. You go around telling everyone your at a new level now, and you can feel the old things loosing their grip on your mind. You start looking forward to things you didn't think were possible before. You start dusting off those dreams God has whispered into your heart in times past.

Then you realize that your heart is running way ahead of everythng else. Its an adjustment to learn how to function at a new pace. How you think must change. Your process of doing things before will be a little different now. Revelation is coming faster and more often. Clarity and vision become clearer quicker. Other people may not get what your saying and how your processing things. Side note here - I really think God for brothers who are running by my side at times like these.

The Holy Spirit is the one who helps us get caught up. He renews our mind, and teaches us how to function as we run. He makes possible not only a new level, but a new person. That's the really cool thing.

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