Write it Down

Hab. 2:2 And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it."

We took a look at Hab 2:1-4 Wednesday night and its an amazing passage. I know we quote 2:2 a lot and God has been giving revelation and showing us how to run with it, but I've been wondering about that middle part "Witting down the revelation". I know we need to process, journal, and meditate on the revelation, I agree with that. I know we need to write out a plan to stay focused and run with purpose. I agree with all that, but I saw another aspect of it as I was studying Wednesday.

God wants us to write the revelation on our life so that "he who reads it" can run. My life should be a living, breathing revelation of the Word of God. People should know what God has spoken because it is written all over my life. They can read it on my face, they can read it in my marriage, and in my children, and in the work I do. Revelation changes everything. It makes all things new. Unfortunately, many times we speak the revelation, but the old self ways are still written down on our life.

Are you receiving revelation daily? Are you writing it down on your life so others will see it and know God through you? Thats what Jesus did for us. He showed us the Father. The heart and words of the Father were written all over everything He did and everything He said. Those who encountered Him were able to read that revelation and start running!

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