I'm Just Saying

I've been thinking about and teaching about the gap between our dreams and our reality lately. God is radically rearranging things in my brain to help me close those gaps.

I have noticed though that there are big gaps in the church as well. There is a big gap between what we say and what we do. The gap is that we talk a whole lot, but we do very little. We talk and talk and talk and keep on talking. What I've noticed now it that we like to talk about not talking. We talk about how much we need to go out and do instead of just talking. Then we have a conference on doing that and come up with new terms and someone writes a book on it. I'm as guilty as anyone which is why I have told the Lord to do whatever He needs to do to get me out there doing more and allow the Holy Spirit to do the talking through my life. Doing leads to life, creativity, and newness. We need more of that in our churches. We have grown stagnant as we do the same things week after week. We say its not the old, religious, lifeless services of a past generation, but none of that matters. It's still the enemy trying to keep us from the river of living water that has been promised to us.

We need to step out of the box and live boldly in the supernatural freedom of the Kingdom of God.

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