Way of the Warrior

I'm getting back into Graham Cooke's message series, The Way of the Warrior. It really stirs me up and builds my confidence. I would very much encourage you to order the CD's or download the MP3 files. I want to share a few excerpts over the next couple of days.

Way of the Warrior – Graham Cooke

It’s the confidence you learn in life that enable a warrior to hold their nerve and to be fearless in the face of enemy attack. It’s important for us to live with a growing conviction that the Lord is delighted to pour out with extravagant delight the certainty of His affection towards us. It’s so important that you absolutely know that you are the beloved of God, and that God is incredibly biased towards you. He favor’s you and he lifts up the light of his countenance upon you. He beams in your direction. You have His heart, you have His favor, and you need to learn to be confident in that, hugely confident in that.

Prov. 3:26 26 for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.”

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