Way of the Warrior

Being a true warrior for Christ makes the Spartans in the movie 300 look like cupcakes. Seriously, the greatest challenge of our lives is overcoming self day by day and living a brilliant life in Christ Jesus our Lord and King.

Here is more from Graham Cooke on the Way of the Warrior

The church in America is behind her own development and needs to catch up. What if the problem in this country is not crime or terrorism, it’s not abortion, it’s not poverty, or drugs. What if the biggest problem in this country is simply the lack of goodness? The scriptures say that we overcome evil with good. So where has the goodness gone? What if one of the chief parts of a warrior’s armory is the goodness and the favor of God? What if we live in the goodness of God and no one around us is safe? What if the problem right now in America is that there is not enough goodness and there is not enough people who realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is about being good and doing good? It’s about overcoming evil with good. Warriors know how to live in the goodness of God and they know how to pass it on.

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