Way of the Warrior

One more Warrior post for this week from Graham Cooke. Maybe I'll do more next week. Enjoy and be challenged!
Stillness is so important to us that we learn how to be quiet before God, especially on difficult days. You get to still the clamoring and the panic that life can cause in us. Rest is a weapon and in the embrace of God’s peace, nothing touches me but the confidence of His great strength. Knowing how to access who God is in Himself is such a key part of your development. All of your life circumstances right now are preparing you to be brilliant.

You’re learning how to be majestic, you’re learning how to be warriors, you’re learning how to overcome, your learning how to stand, your learning how to press in, your learning how to receive, your learning how to rejoice, your learning how to pray, your learning about the fruits of the Spirit, your learning the importance of patience, your learning how to wait on the Lord, your learning how to see Him, your learning how He thinks, how He perceives, how He loves to speak, your learning how He loves to connect with you. Your learning about His heart when it comes to promises in you. Everything your passing through right now is an opportunity.

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