A God who Loves Me

I love a God who loves me more than I can imagine. I was sitting in Pastor's other "Office" today and I got an overwhelming feeling of how ecstatic and excited God is about my life. He is relentless about being joyful and hopeful over my day and the next day and all the days after that. It's overwhelming really and hard to comprehend. I think to grasp that thought would revolutionize everything. There is never a moment with God that we cannot rejoice in. Why put off joy until a difficult moment has passed? Why wait to rejoice in the greatness of the love of God?

I know there are difficult and unimaginably painful moments in life, but through it all God still rejoices and He still loves. He will always love us more than we can fathom. He is the only one who can walk through all things with us. He knows every thought, every pain, every fear. He will walk with us to the cross, into the grave, and out again to a place of rejoicing and victory. He is the one who heals and delivers and sets us free to experience His love. He is the one who grants us new strength and new mercy day by day. He is the one who fills us continually like a river of living water. Weeping may last for a night, but Joy always comes in the morning. That's a promise in His Word and He will bring that joy with a new day. Today is a new day and God is doing new, amazing things. He is healing and transforming lives. He is our rescuer, He is my hero, and He loves me!

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