Ruth the Corageous

I like the book of Ruth. I think Ruth was one of the most courageous women in the Bible. I get the feeling like she is humble, respectful and reserved, yet fearless. She leaves her home to follow Naomi, then goes out to the fields to glean the grain. Then she finds herself sitting and eating with the reapers, which is a big step up from gleaning. She could have been content there and found enough to provide for her and Naomi, but she took the next step to possess what was rightfully hers. Boaz showed her favor and honored her courage and from that point on she did not live as a gleaner with a poverty mindset, but she lived as an owner with the life, wealth, and favor of Boaz her husband.

God is waiting to pour out His favor upon our lives. We can stay in the field and glean, or we can boldly come to our Master and humble lay and His feet. He will lift us up and do all that He has promised. He will bestow upon us the life, wealth, and favor of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

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