Giving Mindset

I've been listening to an audio book of Francis Chan's "Crazy Love". You can download it for free from Christian Audio and I'd highly recomend it.

He is crazy and his ideas on giving are crazy, but he is right and his ideas are right because they are biblical. At one point he sold his house and moved into a smaller one so that he would have more to give. Is that crazy? I think its crazy not to give like that. I think its crazy to not open yourself up fully to a God who desparately wants to pour out blessing on your life. I think its crazy to wander around in the wilderness of the worlds system thinking your going to get ahead and get out of debt someday and maybe be able to give more at some point later on in life. I think its crazy how much we spend on ourselves. I think its crazy how much we depend on the world and not on God.

I'll freely give God every last penny I have just to know Him more. I want absolutely everything He has for me and my family.

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