A God Who Cares for Me

A few months ago God spoke to me about the gap that exists between what I know God can do and the reality of my life. I've stepped out on a journey to intentionally bridge those gaps and let God be everything He can be to me. Its a difficult thing to walk in the unknown and break the heavy, oppressive, self-reliant pattern that we have allowed to take root in our lives, but its worth it. Walking lightly in the fresh air of freedom is refreshing and fascinating to me.

Many believers walk through life with their eyes closed because they are too gripped by the fear of trusting God with the unknown. We have become selfish people. We hoard money and resources so we can take care of our own needs. We have placed our dependence in worldly systems, and they have become our masters.

I am learning to trust a God, my Abba Father, who cares for me. I'm learning to let go of my perceptions of the world around me and embrace His. I want God's love and freedom and money and resource and kindness and grace to flow through my life like a river of living water. My life will be full and lacking nothing, and everyone around me will experience to joy of a beautiful life in Christ.

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