Mindset of Love

I was thinking today about how love is the ultimate motivator. We are all motivated by love weather its love for God, love for money, love for our self, or any number of thing. When we really love something or someone, we'll do anything for them. I look out on the world today and I see a lot of people that love their self and act accordingly. As believers, what or who do we love? What motivates us, where is our focus, what are we talking about, what have we given our attention to. I am concerned about how many people I speak with who are concerned about all the wrong things. Its all religious of course and their motives are well intentioned, but its easy to see that often the root of their motivation is a love of self.

There is hope though because Jesus made a way for us to deny our self. We have a wonderful opportunity to let self fall into the ground and die. What a great gift of obedience to Jesus. Self love will hinder our love for the Lord. The more we let go of self, the more our love for the Lord grows and motivates us to do what He wants and see things as He sees them. What we want, or how we want things to be done is no longer an issue.

If you find your not truly in love with Jesus, take time to ask the Holy Spirit for His help. Set aside time to worship the Lord, start building your relationship with him through the Word and prayer. He will reveal Himself to you and when you really see Him, you can't help but love Him.

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