Missional Word Mindset

This post is coming to you in place of one I wrote yesterday which was basically an undiluted steam of thoughts from my logical, transformed mind. Although it was all witty and very true, I realized after thinking about it and listening to my wife's wise advice, that most people aren't really ready for raw truth. So anyway, Here's my true, still good, but diluted thoughts.

Anyone who has been a part of church in the past few years should realize that things are changing. I'm glad and welcome it because God is changing. He is new every morning. We all like to find a nice comfortable place and camp out there, but we don't grow that way. I am excited to see believers who love the Lord moving their Christianity out into their community and workplaces. I think people who really get it have always been doing that, but for the rest of us, its good to have new constructive teaching on being missional.

One concern or caution I have though is that the Word of God is the source for missional living. It alone has to be our purpose and mindset. Many believers are biblically illiterate. Not sure how that's possible, but talk to some people for 5 minutes and you'll find its true. When we go out into the world, we need to know the Word and share the light of the Word with those in the dark. We need to plant the seed of the Word into their life, into their broken down situations and their failed relationships. We need to let Jesus, who is the Word, get in there and transform their life just as He is doing with ours. Our minds need to be set and focused on the Word. Our life needs to reflect the light of the Word like the moon does for the sun. We need to have a real, passionate, relationship with the Word and it will affect those around us. And just to clarify, missional living is the outflow of the Word through my life. Its the fruit of the Word, the love of the Word being demonstrated, the relational connection of the Word. Its all that, but the Word has to be planted in my life first.

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