Standing Firm

Today we are having a party to celebrate how good God is. He is our Healer and our Provider. We are thanking God for healing Mykala Berberich from Lukemia. Life is about telling stories of all the good things the Lord has done in our lives.

The Berberich family has been through alot this past year. I have seen many people turn and run at far less, but not them. They have stood firm and put their trust in the Lord. Standing to face the battles often means we just refuse to run, hide behind our shield of faith, and cry out to God our hero and deliverer. Slowly, the power of the Spirit fills our heart and mind and we stand up, dig our feet in, and start swinging our sword and excercising the power of God's Word. Then the enemy is driven back and the light of truth floods our situation.

I was thinking about my good friend earlier this week, and God put this vision in my mind. I saw David on a battle field with about thirty men (that is profetic because he will be a leader who men follow). Thousands from the enemy lay dead around them. They had endured wave after wave of attack from the enemy. They were weary and tired, but still standing. David was standing out in front like the tip of an arrow formation. He was in that position because there was no other place he would rather be. He knew that was the place to first see God in a new way and experience His majesty and might. His sword, shield, and armor were drenched with the blood of Christ. He stood firm, looked out over the horizon toward the enemy, took a deep breath and shouted with every fiber of his being ... "WE ARE STILL HERE!"

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