I've been thinking about times of transition. Sometimes they can be exciting and sometimes a little scary. Most of my life I've been resistant to change and held on to the old season way too long. I've tried to change that in the past few years. I believe God meant for us to fly and experience true freedom that is only found in Him.

This world functions at a crawling pace. There seems to be changes going on around us everyday, but there is no real growth, no real transition from glory to glory as God intends. At some point we need to let go, release our grip on life, and allow the Holy Spirit take us by the hand. He will lead us to start moving forward step by step . Soon we find our heart racing and our pace quickening. Before we know it, life around us is a blur and we find we are flying. Then nothing matters but Jesus. The fear that imprisoned us to a dying world system becomes a distant memory. Our desire for the safe and the familiar fades away as we see the ever increasing glory of the One we love. He fills our minds with new revelation, new love, new passion, and new hope for more of Him.

That's how God defines transition. Its not a struggle to let go, its not an apprehensive approach to an unknown future - Its flying.

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