As a teacher of the Word, I have come to the conclusion that good Biblical teaching today must involve a deconstruction process. At least for those who are teaching as they're led by the Spirit. I think many "Bible teachers" think they are constructing, equipping, and building up the faith and doctrine of believers, but in reality they are adding layers of complexity and spiritual pride upon a poorly constructed foundation.

We have not done a good job of teaching the elementary principles and consequently we have not been able to move on from there. It seems no matter what I teach, I have to first deconstruct the self-centric and circumstantial thinking that overwhelms the minds of most believers. Once the Holy Spirit is successful in helping people unlearn what they have learned, we can proceed with an open mind and spirit to build a good foundation. That foundation is the simple truth that Jesus Christ is the center of everything. When a person is fully submitted to that eternal truth everything else will fall into place.People seem to like getting a new word or new teaching. I don't blame them. After being a believer for 34 years, I have heard everything, but when the Holy Spirit begins to reveal Christ to us in a very personal, very intimate way, its no longer about Christianity and Bible classes, its about being in love with an amazing God who has given us His eternal, dynamic, and living Word.

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