Serving the King

This past month I've begun to intentionally train my son on how to become a warrior and a true servant for the King. In my opinion, nothing else matters than serving the King well and carrying out His plan and purposes. I want my son to get that and live that. I want him to know his life is not his own and that he essentially has one choice to make in life - to say Yes to the King or say Yes to self. Jesus is giving him the same choice he gave his disciples, the same choice Elijah gave Elisha, the same choice God gave to Abraham - Follow me or turn back. There is no room for a half hearted commitment.

Being a warrior is about overcoming. In Christ there is no defeat, there is no weapon formed against His people that will prosper, but I can choose to fail, give up and turn back. Our success comes from choosing to stand firm and see the glory of our Lord prevail time and time again. I need to develop in my son the fortitude to set his face toward the King and never look back. He will be the one standing in defiance of the enemy when all others have fled. He will be the one who sees a side of God's glory that few others see because he will overcome. He will live, move, and breath in the power and presence of the Lord his King. This is what parenting is about. God has entrusted us with His people to raise them in His ways, to prepare them and teach them the words of the King. Do our children grow up with a sense of honor and integrity and love for others? Do they know this life is not about them and what they want, but it is a gift to be spent and poured out before the Master? Many times they do not because we as parents don't get that. The Holy Spirit is waiting to teach you how to step into this vital role and raise up servants in God's kingdom.

I keep telling my son he is special and that God has a great purpose for his life. The other day he said "Dad, I know I'm special, but I'm not the only one right? I know there are others who are special and God has a purpose for their life as well". Now I know he is well on his way to the position of leadership God has ordained for Him because leading is about serving and drawing all men into service of the King. I told him "Yes, that is true, but we all have to make that choice. We all have the opportunity and privilege to serve the King and stand in His presence and see His unending goodness."

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