Law or Grace

Do you still live under the law or do you live by grace?

Do you live for God because you feel obligated to do so? Is the Christian life a set of rules and regulations that you willing adhere to. If so, your living under a form of the law. Living under the law is better than nothing, which would be a complete dismissal of the things of God to follow your own way. God gave the law to the people of Israel so they would know they were sinners lost without God. Too many believers today have come to the same realization, but they still live there always under the condemnation of a Holy God.

Choose rather to live under God's abundant grace which brings freedom and life. Follow Christ wholeheartedly out of love and devotion, not out of a sense of obligation. Do not separate God from any part of your life. Let go of pursuing your own purpose and plan for life and take on God's will to exalt Jesus and lift Him up. There is no reason to be or do anything else.

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