Meeting the Needs of the Crowd

I've been listening to the Sermon Index featured sermon. Nothing against preachers today, but I love listening to these old guys who have the power of the Spirit in their voice. Here is an excerpt from "Beginning of the End" by Alan Redpath. He goes on from this section to break down the feeding of the 5000 in a powerful way.

"How are we to meet the need of the crowd? Our reaction is to push, program, streamline, work, think of a bigger idea, get plenty of people with plenty of money to back it and then put the whole lot together, mix it up, sprinkle it with a little bit of prayer and wait for the explosion. Push, Push, Push, always doing something. What can we do? How can we reach the crowd? We have no business to expect the crowd to ever come inside our church to listen to what we believe. We have every reason however to expect the crowd to watch how we behave and they’ll never see how we behave unless we go out and mingle with them, and if you have a belief which hasn’t radically transformed your behavior, it isn’t valid in terms of New Testament experience."

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