My Atonement

I'm taking a class on Old Testament theology. It can be a little dry at times and difficult to follow. I am constantly amazed though at the perfection of God's plan, not just for the redemption of man, but for fellowship with man and His desire to build a place where God and man can dwell together and be one as Jesus prayed in John 17. I think we take this plan for granted far too often and even though we know the plan, we don't take time to sit and worship and be thankful and grateful to God for who He is and what He has done for us.

Today I was studying the root words for "Atone" and "Ransom" and "Propitiate". I was trying to stay awake and then the truth of what I was reading began to sink in. This is not just theology, this is not just history, this is personal. I felt the love of God filling my heart with gratitude and an overwhelming sense of unworthiness for what Jesus has done for me. I am a sinful man, not just because I was born into sin, but because I continually fail God and miss the mark He intends for my life. I cannot come to God and stand in his presence without His holy wrath consuming me as a payment for my sins. There is no hope for me, except for Jesus. He is my atonement. He does not "wipe" my sins away, but He covers them and hides them from the Father with His own sacrifice so that I will not be destroyed. Then He goes and stands before God to make the payment for the wrath of God which must be answered. The father poured out all His wrath meant for me upon Jesus who did not deserve this wrath. He did not deserve death. He did not deserve to be separated from the Father, but He did all that for me. Now I can enter into God's presence, not because my sins are simply covered, but because they are removed and the price has been paid and I am free because of Jesus.

Thank You Jesus!

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