Encountering Others

Here's another good principle I picked up from the Quint Studer seminar. Our interactions with others should always better their lives, not just better our self or simply accomplish our job.

As a believer, the end result of every encounter we have with others should be to enrich their life with Christ. I think we mistakenly think our "Job" as a Christian is to evangelize and get people saved. We then either don't do that at all or we interact with people just to get them saved. No wonder people are turned off and don't want to buy what we're selling. That and the fact that a lot of times we don't really believe it or live it ourselves. Our "Job" is to live Christ-like and let Him be salt and light in a dying world. My life should be so full of Christ and structured upon His Word that when I come in contact with others they see Jesus lived out in those situations.

Religious Christianity is ultimately self serving, but true Christ followers put Jesus first.

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