The Imposter Self

Been a while.  I need to start posting more because this is my 274th post and I want to get to 300.

I had an opportunity to teach Easter Sunday at LHB on the Counterfeit Identity.  It was a challenging word, but a good one.  Sometimes you can really feel how much the Holy Spirit wants us to get it.  He wants us to just catch one glimpse of this amazing, glorious Jesus that we serve.  Just like one touch of the hem of his garment brought healing, so one glimpse of Jesus will change our life.  Jesus requires us to let our life fall into the ground and die.  There is no other option as much as we would like there to be.  In reality, the life Jesus has for you probably looks nothing like the life your leading right now.  Maybe there is just a shadow of it, but the greatness and fruitfulness of His life for us is too often supressed by our own will and a desire to remain fearful to the prospect of absolute surrender.  We cannot even fathom what God could do if we would allow Him to take control. 

So we create an imposter self that fits the part and is within our control.  This is a religious identity that is self reliant and self directed.  It is not a Christ identity, but it looks alot like it to other imposters.  With this imposter we try to be Christ-like in some areas and still remain self like in others.  The problem is that the imposter will always be the imposter.  It will never be the real deal and we will never experience the joys of true Christlikeness until we deny our self, take up our cross, and follow Jesus.

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