Leaving a Legacy

What kind of legacy will we leave for generations to come?  Since my grandmother passed away last week I've been thinking about that question.  As I look through all the pictures of the past I realize how short life is.  My grandmother was 86.  She lived a long and healthy life, but now her time here is done and she is with the Lord.  We all get a limited amount of time in this life and we can spend it however we want, but only whats done for Christ will last.  My grandmother knows now what the eternal impact is of the countless times she gave selflessly and generously to so many people.  Now she receives her eternal rewards.  Now she knows how the Lord has received her small but meaningful gifts and has multiplied them a thousand fold.

Why do we so easily trade our moments of time for trivial things of no lasting value?  Why do we struggle so hard to accumulate wood, hay, and stuble which will one day fade away?  I am determined to be intentional about how I spend all my moments.  I will insist that my heart, my mind, my thought, my relationships, and all my efforts line up with the Word of God and His eternal will.  What will I leave behind when my time here is done?  What will be the sum of my life?  I can answer that now.  There will be no sum and no limit because the eternal work of my God will have no end.  It cannot be measured or contained.  He will receive what I have offered humbly to Him and He will bless and multiply it for His glory.  My grandmother knows that now.  She sincerely loved the Lord, but I often felt that sometimes she didn't understand my passion for following Jesus wholeheartedly.  Now she knows and now she rejoices in the blessings of the Lord.

What kind of an eternal legacy will you leave?

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