Words of Wisdom

Here are a few words of wisdom

Warning:  Truth makes you accountable.  Truth requires obedience.

#1- Life is not all about you - Too many people approach life from a me centered view point.  I would also say this is the unbiblical viewpoint.  Don't be chronically late to everything.  Be a person that people can trust and count on.  Commit yourself to serving others, to being last so that Christ may lift you up.  Give up your desire to be right all the time and have people think well of you.  Let the Lord vindicate you in His time.  Be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in situations in spite of your own plans.

#2 - Life is about giving - Giving is one of the most powerful tools God has given us, yet is is seldom used.  If your not a giving person, then you have not aligned your life with the Word of God.  Giving is not all about money, but for most of us this is the most difficult area to give in.  Money is a source of trust and security for many people.  Who needs to trust in the Lord when I can make my own way?  People complain about giving 10% to the church, but thats just the beginning.  That should be the easiest part for a true believer.  If we can't give that little bit to God then something is wrong.  The real power of giving will come when you commit yourself to give and give and give at the direction of the Holy Spirit without any thought of yourself or your own needs.  Just give in obedience.

#3 - Life is about Christ - Our life exists to serve our Lord.  The will of the Father is to honor His Son and draw all men unto Himself through Jesus.  We need to have a Christ-centered focus in our life.  That means He is our priority and motivation.  In the church we can easily take on a people centered focus.  We have ministries and programs and services all to serve people, but Jesus is left out of the equation.  That needs to change.  The best way to reach people and change the world is through Jesus.  When I sincerely and truly love Him, I won't be able to help but love people and He will draw men unto Himself through my life.

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