I had the priviledge of hearing Quint Studer speak last week.  He is a nationally recognized speaker in the healthcare industry.  As he was speaking I coudn't help but see the relevance of his principles to the church world.

One area he spoke about was "Optionality".  When we make things optional we get inconsistency.  Is it any wonder why there is so much inconsistency in the church today.  Too many "leaders" and "Pastors" think wholeheartedly following Christ is optional, or knowing and obeying the Word is optional. Obviously everyone finds themselves at different stages of maturity, but when we think its optional to partially obey God's Word or we think its OK to follow God some days and ourself the next, then there's a problem.

In the business world if an employee thinks its optional to follow the directions of the organization, they receive corrective counceling or termination if they choose not to comply.  I think we need to follow that line a little more in the church.  Jesus Himself set the bar pretty high.  If those following him did not want to take up their cross and deny themselves, then they went home.  This is not a judgemental approach, but a recognition of the reality of what it takes to be a disciple.  We do ourselves and others a grave disservice when we allow anything less to go unchallenged.  When we chose to allow optionality, then we become inconsistent and irrelevent.

Lets drive "Optionality" out of the body of Christ and become a focused, passionate, and confident people who sincerely desire to follow the Lord wholeheartedly.

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