A Day of Thanks

A very long time ago before all things were created, before the foundations of the world were laid, my God thought of me.  He knew I would need a helper, a companion, and a friend to whom I would give myself to wholly and completely.  He knew how much I would need my beautiful wife so many, many years later He created her and gave me this precious gift.  Today I thank Him for her Birthday! 

Today I praise Him for His abundant blessings and the richness of His grace to me.  Today I thank Him for being the eternal center to my marriage.  Today I thank Him that I can love more and give more and cherish my wife more.  Today I thank Him for the mercy and forgiveness He has extended to a man who is unworthy of such a wonderful gift.  Today I give my God honor because He has been a huband to my wife through me just as He promised He would.  Today I ask my Lord to bless my wife and bestow His glory and His love once again upon her life.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart