One of the most foundational yet elusive elements of the human existance is freedom.  We were created to be free, but we live in bondage to so many things.  I walked around my neighborhood this morning and thought about how much stuff people accumulate in their life that just adds more complexity and ties them further into the worlds system.  Even people who have discovered that Jesus is our only freedom still struggle to obtain a sense of being truly free.  The bottom line is that freedom requires us to let go of everything else.  Real freedom is falling into the ground like a seed to die so that we can live.  We like to get around that little detail if we can.  We like to setup a life on the back side of the cross and say its just as good as living on the other side of the tomb. Jesus never compromised anything and He never shyed away from His calling.  He went through the cross to get to the resurection so He could make a way for all of us to follow.
I will follow Him because I know its worth it and I know the freedom that Jesus offers is the only thing that will truly satisfy my soul.

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