What If's?

Seth and I were talking about David and Goliath tonight and he said he thought maybe David had a lot of "What If" questions before he fought Goliath like, "What if I miss, what if he kills me, what if they attack the army of Israel?"  I thought that was a great observation because I'm sure David did have the "What if" question.  What made David victorious though was that he put those questions aside and chose to have faith in His God.  This morning Pastor Steven Sebyala  said "Whatever you fear will capture your mind".  David did not let the fear take control, instread he rested in the peace of His God.

What situation does God have you in now?  What has He spoken deep in your heart?  Hold on to that voice and that assurance.  Don't let the "What if" questions of fear come in and dictate your choices.  Our God is able to deliver us and keep us and bring us through to everything He has promised.

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