How Far Will You Go?

Many times I feel like Sam in the Lord of the Rings where he stops in the cornfield and declares that if he takes one more step it will be the furthest he has ever gone from the Shire.  Seems like I'm taking a lot of those steps in my life lately.  One thing I'm learning for sure is that you must let go of one thing to grab hold of another.  Sam could not take a journey with Frodo and still remain in the Shire.  He had to make a decision to leave the Shire life, his friends and family, and the routine events of his daily life. 

These are critical decisions we must make in life.  Our hesitation or attempts to do both will result in diminished effectiveness and fruitfulness in our life and the lives of others.  Whether your willing to make these decisions depends on your outlook in life.  If you see the world as jesus sees it, then at some point you will need to step out and lay down your life and your wants and needs for others.  God gave me a vision of a well the other night.  Manytimes we dig deep enough to get water for ourselves, to meet our needs and maybe enough for our family.  But are you willing to keep digging deeper until there is enough water flowing for everyone?  Be willing to keep digging in your life until the water is pure and flows freely and is enough for all who come into your life.  Give your self and your resource up to let the Living Water flow from your life.

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