What If

I was thinking yesterday what would it be like if we didn't have a church (physical building) to go to every week.  What would we do?  How would we develop spiritually, how would we teach our kids the Bible?  What would it be like if all of a sudden we had to think about it for our selves and take responsiblity for our own spiritual life?  I think many of us would need to dust some cob webs off and stretch some muscles that have not been used in a while.  Could we hear God's voice for ourselves?  If you had a critical life changing decision to make and there was no one to tell you what to do, could you hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit even in the midst of impossible circumstances that don't make any natural sense?

Too many of our churches are weak and anemic because the people attending are weak and anemic.  If we are strong in the Lord and our lives are bearing fruit, then the church will be strong and bear fruit.  We have to step up and take responsibility for our own spiritual life.

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