My Jesus

Every time I see Jesus in my mind, He is standing about twenty yards in front of me.  He looks back at me with such a reassuring, confident smile and He waves for me to come up where He is and then He keeps walking forward.  He does not fear to step out into my unknowns, to approach the raging river, or face the towering mountains before Him.  He has no reservations about leading me through those places.  I pause in fear as I allow my eyes to focus on the natural forces opposing me, but He is not moved.  He is a confident, mighty warrior who has no equal and who cannot be moved.  He sees with the Father's eyes.  His eyes look through the impossible, through every obstacle.  He knows the raging rivers must part before Him and the mighty mountain must bow in His presence.  The Earth shakes at the sound of His mighty voice, yet this man calls to me to walk with Him.  He is infinitely more confident in me that I am in myself. I am a complete stranger to myself compared to His intimate familiarity with my deepest thoughts and desires.  He sees past my every fear and doubt.  He only sees the infinite potential of what He desires to do with my yielded life. I feel His strength and His faith filling my heart and mind.  I am beginning to see with His eyes.  The mountains are vanishing and the valleys are rising up to meet me.  He is the Master and He will accomplish His will and His purposes for His glory and I will forever love Him for it.

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