Affair Proofing Your Marriage

David Trotter, a good friend of Harvest India, has been sharing openly and honestly about affair proofing your marriage.  Good advise for anyone no matter where your at in you life and marriage.  His book "Lost + Found: Finding Myself By Getting Lost in an Affair" is now available on Amazon.  Please check it out and pass it on if you can.
David offers a couple good steps to take toward nurturing a healthy lifestyle so you won’t be interested in an affair.

•Getting physical rest and staying healthy.
•Rejuvenating my mind through creative, inspiring experiences.
•Connecting with God through meditation and reading.
•Choosing to work when it’s time to work…not when it’s time to hang with family.
•Sharing openly with my wife about my hopes, dreams, fears, failures, and frustrations.
•Setting aside weekly time to date my wife…concentrated time to be together alone.
•Cultivating friendships with guys and couples who are life-giving.
•Continuing to embrace my identity…which isn’t rooted in my external success.
•Serving others for their benefit…not my own.
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