Reflections on 40

Today I turn 40.  The world says I'm getting older, but I say I'm getting better because I serve the King.  I am one year stronger in Him, and closer to my Lord than ever before.  I will not idley watch the years pass by, but I will grow and overcome and become what He has spoken.  Year after year I will train and prepare myself, and I will see the Kingdom of my God grow and multiply and cover the whole earth.  For those in Christ our life is not a beginning and an end, it is a continual journey moving from glory to glory, from one season to the next, always growing, always learning, always experiencing more and more freedom and fulfillment in Christ. 

I will see my family grow and flurish and reach the nations.  I will see my children walk in a spirit of worship and truth and their accomplishments in the Kingdom will far surpass my own.  The King Himself will raise them up and bless them and grant them His limitless favor.  I will see these things not because of me, but because of Jesus.  I will humble myself before Him and He will have His way.

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