Trust in the Darkness

 Photo “Hope” by Rodin Yefymov
Trusting God can be a difficult thing to do. If we are going to trust our God, then we must do so ruthlessly.

I will not live in a place of fear. I will overcome and even if I walk out into the darkness I will do so boldly. I will not cower back as the enemy vehemently attacks my mind with his lies. I will step forward in spite of his feeble attempts. He cannot overcome the Word of the Most High which is living in my heart. Nothing can disrupt the seal of His Spirit upon my mind. If my God chooses to hide His purposes and plans from me, then I will fight in the dark. I will close my eyes and see by faith according the word He has given me. I will trust and press forward and ignore the warning in my natural mind. I will present my mind to the Holy Spirit to be sacrificed and transformed. I choose His word over all that I see and feel. Even the reality of pressing circumstances will not deter me. Let the mountains present themselves before me - I will walk through them with confidence. Let the storms come and rage against me - I will navigate them with peace in my heart. Let the darkness come because even the darkness will be light to my God. (Ps 139:12)

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