Are you focused? Now is the time for God's people to be focused and intent on the purposes of God. This past month, I've felt God focusing my heart, my mind, and the discernment of my spirit. Too often we fight the difficulties and seemingly impossible circumstances that come our way, but God wants to use those things to sharpen our resolve and mold us to His will. We need to yield to His hand in our lives. I fight the mental battles of fear, doubt, and trust everyday. I get up and prepare myself for battle because I will not succumb. I must rise up and say "no" to self. Early in the morning will I come to Him and present myself as a living sacrifice. I will yield to the examination of His Spirit and I will yield to the corrections and changes that will surely follow. We are in a battle, but more importantly we are on a journey.  I will fight as I walk, as I move closer to Jesus.  I will go where I am sent and do what I must to please my Lord and align the whole of my life with His perfect will.

Are you focused?  Are you rising up to stand before the Lord.  You can no longer afford to do what you want some days and then do what God wants other days.  Let God touch your life.  Release your control and let down the walls.  Let His Spirit come and dwell in your heart and mind and focus you!

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